Sweet Stellaluna

Stellaluna - Janell Cannon

"Stellaluna", by Janell Cannon is a great staple to keep on your shelf. This book is about a mother fruit bat that has a baby, and is so in love with her. She names her Stellaluna. One night while flying, she gets attacked by an owl which causes her to drop Stellaluna. She falls and falls hitting branches along the way until she lands in a bird nest. Mother bat looks for her, but never finds her. Stellaluna is raised by a bird and slowly forgets her bat ways. When she learns to fly, she continues to fly far, far away. She gets so tired that she stops in a random palce, but is discovered by her bat family. Mother bat hears her story and pushes through to her baby and they are reunited! This story can be used for story mapping, point of view, vocabulary, beginning, middle, end. It could also be read and do a science lesson on bats. This book could be used for a week long study and used for several different activities. 


Lexile: AD550L

Accelerated Reader Level: 3.5

Grade Level Equivalent: 2