I Vote for Duck!

Duck for President - Doreen Cronin, Betsy Lewin

"Duck for President", by Doreen Cronin would be a great book to read when talking about elections. A lot of students, especially younger students, do not know what election means. This is a great way to introduce voting to them and what it means to be able to vote. Around the time of presidential election or another big election, you could read this book, discuss how to vote, how they are counted, and how a winner is selected. After discussing elections, you could hold an election with your students. Set up a ballot box and give them a piece of paper that looks similar to the way a ballot would look when voting. They could hold their own election for Duck or Farmer Brown or something else you may decide on. There are endless possibilities for voting options. Once everyone has voted, the teacher can count the ballots and record the data on a t-chart for the students to see who won. Students will enjoy getting to voice their opinion and see what the outcome is. 


Lexile Level: AD680L

ATOS Reading Level: 3.9