A Book of Feelings

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings - Jo Witek, Christine Roussey

This book of feelings is a great way to portray feelings to younger students. It goes through all different kinds of emotions all of us feel at some point and gives a description of how you might feel when you feel that particular emotion. This opens an opportunity to discuss those feelings are how we may handle them in the best way. After introducing this book to the class, the teacher could create a board with several of the emotions on it. Create and name tag and laminate for each child and as the students come in everyday they can choose their name and stick it under the emotion they are feeling that day. This can let the teacher know who may have had a rough start to the morning and those that are 100% that day. Also after reading the book, the teacher can have a template in the writing station, or during a time allotted for writing, that asks the students how their heart feels and why. Have them illustrate their writing when they are finished. This would be great for the beginning of the year while you are getting to know your students or around Valentine's day. Several activities can be done with this book.


Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 2.7

Flesch Reading Ease: 87.3